Short Stories

Rat Race Nights:rat-race-3d-book

Discover the thoughts of trees, and the aspirations of a bridge and other inanimate objects. From the stars above to the insect in the field, from Mayan Gods to mermaids, from extraterrestrials to Jack the Lad’s. Within are a mixture of snapshots of a moment in time, hilarious episodes of alien interventions, and tales of emotional trauma, of suicide, as well as an odyssey to find enlightenment, the effects of junkmail, and what stress Elvis put on his neighbours. Contained within Rat Race Nights, over forty short stories, and prose pieces, both old and new, plus a taster of my novel Punisher due for publication soon. Ranging from end of civilisation horror, to fantasy and science fiction, urban realism, and humour. This thought provoking collection is the second edition of Rat Race Nights and contains all the stories in my earlier collection of When Pigs Fly Does Mud Fall As Rain.

New Light for the Soul:

Not a book of short stories, more a book of

Creativity is everything. Without creativity nothing would ever be invented, or discovered, or cured, or admired. If you have a moment, in whatever way you can, be creative for a time, for creativity, as well as being the accumulation of knowledge and art, is the sunshine of the soul.

This is not designed as a self-help book, or a book that will change your life, or even a book that will help anyone to come to terms with difficulties in their own life at this particular moment in time.

I wrote this book as an inspiration to myself, and as I believe it to help me in that regard, then perhaps it may do the same for others who read it. Everyone is welcome to take as much or as little from the text as they want.

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