Being a creative takes me along a whole range of worldly journeys, therefore, ‘The Journey’ seemed an apt title for an album of instrumental music I have written and recorded this year (2017). Please have a listen when you have time, play it, comment on it, constructive criticism is always welcome.
‘The Journey’ is here on Soundcloud.

‘Chasing the Void’ is a new album of 9 instrumental tracks. Available on all platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon, Google, and many more. .
Stevie Mach on Spotify

‘Chasing the Void’, the album title track video is now on Youtube:

‘How to be an Innocent Bystander’ is now on Youtube:

‘Approach of the Singularity’ is also on Youtube now:

‘Holding the Waves’ a track from ‘Chasing the Void’, is now on Youtube:

Happy Ever After, now on Youtube

One Step At A Time, from the album ‘The Journey’ now on Youtube:

Dawn of the Last Day, from the album ‘The Journey’ now on Youtube:

More videos will be uploaded shortly, please view, and subscribe, and check back often 🙂