Ongoing Stuff

The writing comes and goes as time allows, and finally having a bit of time on my hands I am going through the process again. My last novel, ‘Punisher’ is now available for sale, on Amazon, see the novels tab above! As well as the publishing side of things, I have another ongoing novel in the pipework, though I have taken a wee break from this to complete another creative endeavour, and have written and recorded an album of instrumental music – ‘The Journey’ consists of nine tracks, and can be found here on Soundcloud for anyone to listen and make constructive comment, if they wish. See the Music tab above for more information.

As the normal 24 hour day does not seem to apply to me and the hours fly by like migrating swallows, I always seem to be chasing my tail in my creative endeavours. Still, a restart of the ongoing novel should happen soon, and who knows, perhaps some more music will follow, can’t seem to keep away from the keyboard…

Above all, have a look around, have a read, and hopefully come back again. If the inclination takes you while you are here, why not buy a book. They are available from as ebooks or paperbacks from Amazon, and they’re priced modestly.

My books are also available in print. If you would like more information please visit Amazon here.

STOP PRESS JAN 20: Just uploaded a new album of instrumental music called ‘Chasing the Void’, check music tab or click here more info. Available on all platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon, Google, and many more.