Ongoing Stuff

The writing comes and goes as time allows, and finally having a bit of time on my hands I am going through the process again. Recently, I published Silhouettes, and look out for Punisher which is now available for sale, though only on Amazon at present, see the novels tab above! As well as the publishing side of things, I am just restarting a novel I began last year, and ploughing the fields of prose till completion this time, I hope…

Apart from the writing, I am also busy in the creativity of revamping the website (you mean you haven’t noticed!). This will be an ongoing and hopefully regular process with updates and additions often, rather than rarely, as has been in the past.

Above all, have a look around, have a read, and hopefully come back again. If the inclination takes you while you are here, why not buy a book. They are available from all major ebook vendors, and in all popular ebook formats, and they’re priced modestly. They are also now accessible on Scribd, if you are a subscriber, so really, you’ve no excuse if you have a tablet or kindle or phone.

My books are also available in print. If you would like more information please visit Amazon here.